The English Park

A series of work made in response to local parks where I used to live in England. The parks were in a state of dereliction and I documented some of this and also staged events inside my bathroom cupboard that happened to have a suitably themed vintage wallpaper. Shown at Örebro Konsthall in 2003 including photographic prints, objects and two looped slide-projections (in all 170 images+).

(slide projection)


(Roundhay Park, Leeds)

(demolition, Stoke-on-Trent)

(magic tree, video still)

(the old waterfall wall, Stoke-on-Trent)

(found necklace, Roundhay Park, Leeds)

Show The English Park (mirror, skirting boards with mirror floor “room’, chandelier, old skates) at Örebro Konsthall 2003 email: powder4context(at) 2013-02-10 copyright: Åsa Andersson

Overview of The English Park, Örebro Konsthall 2003

Overview of looped slide-projection, The English Park, Örebro Konsthall 2003

Pavilion (video still)